Regenerative Agriculture – Learning about healthy soils

As you can see, it wasn’t just the adults that enjoyed a recent trip to Willaura, Western Victoria to learn more about regenerative farming and the importance of healthy soils.

An upside of COVID19, has meant that Nuffield Australia Scholar, Robin Tait has been unable to travel home to Tasmania and has been in residence on a nearby farm in western Victoria.  We have enjoyed meeting with Robin and gaining some of her knowledge in the principles of healthy soils and regenerative agriculture.

Robin explains the principles of soil health are “ to maintain ground cover, reduce disturbance, introduce biodiversity, keep a living plant all year and to integrate livestock into the system.”

“Soil underpins every farming operation and it is essential we manage our system in a way that supports the soil to regenerate and maintain good health. A productive farm system all starts with a healthy, actively functioning soil. Healthy soil leads to healthy plants, which in turn leads to healthy happy and better performing livestock, plus supports healthy humans.” Robin adds.

“Soil, when managed to support the living organisms that make up and live in the soil, will provide a diverse range of ecological services to the farm system it supports.”

“This creates a more resilient farm business that can cope with extremes in seasons and other impacts. The integration of the principles of healthy soil into a livestock operation, or any business that is reliant on growing plants in soil to harness sunlight energy is critical to maintain and support a healthy soil.” explains Robin

“The principles are designed/linked to provide and maintain life, a home and food for the inhabitants of the soil. Liquid carbon is the energy/food for the soil ecosystem and the integration of all the principles ensures that liquid carbon is pumped into the system continuously.

How the principles are integrated is limited to one’s imagination, as all farm systems are different.

As livestock farmers, it is so important for our productivity that we ensure a well managed grazing system to enhance our soil health.”

Here is a link to Robin’s report in 2018.

If you would like to learn more about soil health and regenerative agriculture, head over to the Resource Consulting Services website.  This article, written by Dr Terry McCosker from Resource Consulting Services (RCS) gives a great overview.

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