2020 Te Mania Angus Artificial Insemination complete

This week our home grown sires were put out with the females after the completion of the AI programme. Over 1,600 females have been through the yards 5.25 times, since early October.

Every female is individually, statistically mated to ensure maximum profit is achieved with minimum inbreeding.  We spend an enormous amount of time making sure each joining is created to achieve the best progeny for our clients.

We use Fixed Time Artificial Insemination (FTAI) in the first round and then heat detection for the second round, before the bull goes out with them for a final round of natural mating. We fetal age at preg test and sell the cows that are not in calf or are conceived outside the desirable dates, in order to tighten the calving pattern.

This short joining season and subsequent calving season, provides more streamlined management groups and overall profitability of cow-calf production systems.

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