Team Te Mania Angus Breeders selling on Auctions Plus – Ndrop, Pdrop & Qdrop

21 Head Team Te Mania Yearling Heifers – SOLD FOR $1740 or 575c/kg.

Weaner & Yearling Sale – 237.  Lot 8625859 
Fri 30 Oct, 9am
Account: Knewleave Partnership

Excellent future breeders, Qdrop, from a high marbling herd.  Ready to join.
14 months; EU Accredited; ACR Recorded.  Average Weight: 309 kg (294-339 kg)
Average IMF +2.9 EBV for these heifers.
Location: Drysdale, Vic
Enquiries: Chris Callow 0429 497 166


Eastern States Sale – 240
Fri 30 Oct, 10am

Account: M Carroll
16 Head Team Te Mania PTIC N Drop Cows – Lot 8625867
EU Accredited; ACR Recorded.  Average Weight: 613 kg (540-730 kg)

10 HD Team Te Mania PTIC P Drop Cows – Lot 8627282 
EU Accredited; ACR Recorded.  Average Weight: 526 kg (474 – 594 kg)

Very good quality young PTIC cows, due to commence calving late January 2020 for 6 weeks .
Bull dates in: 17/4/20  Out: 27/5/20.
Joining sire Id: VTMM79  Te Mania Magnetic M79 – a top 1% of the Grain Fed Index bull with over 4% IMF
Location: Derrinallum, Vic
Enquiries: Chris Callow 0429 497 166


Eastern States Sale – 240
Fri 30 Oct, 10am

Account: DA & S Chisholm, Gwalia

5 Pdrop Heifers NSM & 5 Calves – Lot 8627177 
EU Accredited;  LPA, MSA, ACR Recorded.  Average Weight: 538 kg (530-590 kg)

Team Te Mania heifers with Spring calves at foot.  Cattle are ACR Recorded, Progeny Test herd .

Assessors comments – Small quality line of first calf Angus heifers, 23-24 months, with spring calves at foot.  Team Te Mania herd for past 25 years, using high indexing Te Mania Angus bulls with a focus on growth, Marbling, fertility, temperament & birth weight.  Calves ranging from 6 to 8 weeks of age at assessment. Heifers showing great milking ability with good quality udders. Angus heifers & calves with outstanding angus genetics behind them which would be an asset to any breeding operation. Buyers
please note: One heifer observed with white marking under their udder.

Calves by: TE MANIA NILSSON N684
Location: Adelong, NSW
Enquiries: Nick Gilvarry  Ph 0438 871 653