Macquarie Marshes – Once again a spectacular land of plenty

GARRY and Leanne Hall’s life on the land at Warren, in NSW, is has been an emotional and environmental rollercoaster ride – from a spectacular land of plenty to the depths of drought, including destocking their station The Mole.

But our most recent drought, which almost brought the Halls to their knees, is already a fading memory as the couple watch with fascination as water brings the region back to life.

Especially the 200,000 hectares of wetlands which make up the Macquarie Marshes. They have been reincarnated as hundreds of thousands of birds make their way back to the breeding grounds.

Join the Halls in this amazing story provided for us by the courtesy of the ABC – Macquarie Marshes come back to life after drought and fire by Lucy Thackray, ABC 17/10/2020.  Photos by Leanne Hall.

A man wearing an Akubra kayaking down a waterway.
Locals are delighted that the Macquarie Marshes has started to recover after the drought.
A bird flies over the top of the water at the wetlands, with feet in water and wings spread out.
Birds disappeared from the Macquarie Marshes when they ran dry, but now the wetlands are alive with the sound of bird calls once more.
A flock of birds flies through a wetland while other birds peep through reeds below.
The Halls are delighted to see the birds again, but they’re still waiting for some species to return.
A horse's ears and another horse's legs, walking through water and reeds.
Parts of the Macquarie Marshes can only be accessed by horse.