40 Team Te Mania Angus Heifers – High Marbling – SOLD

Wellington Lodge, Tailem Bend, South Australia are offering 40 unjoined Heifers from the Team Te Mania progeny test program  for private sale.

The herd has been run on pure Te Mania Angus bloodlines since joining Team Te Mania as a Foundation member in 1995.  Wellington Lodge females are highly sought after for building high quality breeding herds, and the steers are purchased by feedlots, with most going straight to Rangers Valley, for their structure, their growth, yield and marbling.

These 40 heifers offered for sale are surplus heifers, ready for joining.   They are ACR registered, commercial heifers, with EBVs that stand strong when compared with all recorded Angus cattle (seedstock and commercial).    Note –  Marbling (IMF)  EBV of +3.2  is in the top 10% of recorded Angus cattle.

For futher information contact Richard McFarlane – Ph 0429 096 053

No of Head DOB Age
EBVs Selection Indexes
20 Apr-19 18mths 480kg +5.2 +3.3 $122 $110 $138 $113
20 Jul-19 15mths 401kg +5.4 +3.2 $124 $111 $141 $115
Angus Breed Average EBVs +5.7 +2.0 $117 $110 $124 $114

Wellington Lodge has in the last 20 years developed best practice systems under the guidance of industry leaders which enables it to easily achieve the following:

  • Producing high quality beef as part of the Team Te Mania Progeny Test Program.
  • Low Stress Stock Handling.
  • Continuously improve the landscape by using intensive rotational grazing systems that include a combination of sabbath and priority grazing.
  • Continuously improve the landscape by implementing a tree planting and wetland improvement scheme.
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