Te Mania Angus launches podcast as the next big step in the production chain

TE MANIA ANGUS is taking to the airwaves as it takes itself and the beef genetics business to a new level; with the launch on Monday of its podcast series RawAg.

First speaker on the fortnightly series will be Terry McCosker, co-founder of Queensland’s RCS – responsible for holistic farming, Grazing for Profit, ExecutiveLink and today delivers programs on how to best manage people, land, production systems and business to family business, corporate agriculture, indigenous agriculture, Landcare and regional bodies and students.

Terry has become a significant influencer in Australian agriculture and when he speaks, people listen. And when his podcast is released Tuesday morning it will be a golden opportunity for everyone to hear his valuable words for free.

Te Mania Angus director, and podcast host, Tom Gubbins said they were using the podcast as a platform to regenerate the perception of the agricultural industry and community, in an honest and passionate manner.

“By engaging both the immediate agricultural community and the wider urban population, through sophisticated ag focused conversations, debates, studies, and discoveries, RawAg will aim to improve the overall perception of Agriculture in Australia. Consequently mitigating some of the traditional, negative stigmas around agriculture as a basic, simple occupation and industry,” Tom said.

“We are an innovative business which regenerates livestock genetics, industry, community and our environment with truth and meaning,” he said.

“It is our hope RawAg becomes your link to the food chain – and every episode will take you somewhere along that chain.

“From conception to consumption, you will hear from the cutting-edge players in Australian agriculture with industry news, unique views, and presentations.

“We can all be better farmers, sustainable, regenerative, and innovative – and we can all be more informed and aware consumers.

“And RawAg, brought to you by Te Mania Angus, is your next big step in that direction.

He said “podcasts are far more accessible than most traditional forms of marketing”.

Podcasts make it possible to relay large quantities of information in a relatively short period of time,” Tom explained.

“From farmers on machinery in paddocks to people driving or sitting at the office desk filling in some of that paperwork.

Other guests include regional vet, computer programmer and University of Melbourne senior lecturer David Beggs – Professor of Animal Wellbeing – discussing the ethics and science of animal welfare, and carbon neutral cattle farmer Fiona Conroy, from the Bellarine Peninsula.

“Raw Ag is a podcast that enables us to have an arena in which to showcase industry expertise and your own expertise and passion for your niche,” he said.

“Your enthusiasm and speaking prowess and the calibre of your guests injects an air of authority to the topic, something the written word cannot express,” he said.

“We want to bring agriculture into the spotlight as increasingly, consumers are becoming more curious about where their food is coming from and how it is produced, with particular focus on innovative and sustainable practices.

“By covering a range of developments in the food production industry and connecting with the audience in a positive way, we are looking to improve brands and business practices within the industry and beyond.

Episode one goes live at 6 am on Tuesday August 25 and can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcast, or your favorite podcast app.

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