The gene pool that cracks the premium price tag for Angus cattle

YOU need your smartphone to work for you, on time, every time – but you didn’t have to make it.

Because after decades of development, trials, innovations and flashes of genius it has become an overnight success.

You need your beef genetics to be the ones you know get a premium – but you don’t have to design them.

Because after nine decades of development, trials, innovations and flashes of genius Te Mania Angus has become a long-term success.

And with 115 bulls catalogued for its northern spring sale on August 11 at Walgett it is an unparalleled opportunity for breeders finally coming out the protracted drought and wanting to rebuild herds.

The Te Mania Angus gene pool takes beef production out of the commodity price range and into the industry’s most lucrative niche markets.

A gene pool Te Mania Angus director Tom Gubbins said has been focused on improving client profitability since 1928.

Our generations of work are paying off – as much for our customers and their end users as it is for us.

Our breeding program has evolved holistically and we know the genetics we are producing today attract a premium in the quality meat sector.

Best of all though, for our clients, is they can get carcase performance along with every other trait they need, such as fertility or growth, and attract that elusive premium, without any negative breeding effect.

That’s why we encourage people to always buy balanced genetics – it gives you options as to which market or markets you want to target.

Tom said the growing middle class in Asia is hungry for, and aspires to, high quality beef – and in Asia he said that means marbling.

But it doesn’t end there, companies such as Rangers Valley are also now doing great things in Europe as well as they have in Asia.

He said the diversity of the Te Mania Angus reference sires all contribute to the nucleus of the breeding herd, with its family lines of outstanding females.

“I think people wanting to be at the cutting edge of the market, and wanting to play in the premium market, want to make sure they are at the Te Mania Angus Walgett sale, (or online on AuctionsPlus), on August 11,” Tom said

“Then sit back, buckle up and get ready for the ride of your enterprise,” he added.

People who want to be part of this growth story will head to Walgett, where our commitment to the industry is the long-term picture.

Te Mania Angus cattle get premiums in the marketplace – saleyards, online and in feedlots – and it is a brand the buyers look for.

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