Te Mania bloodlines take Windy Hill to new peak of productivity

COLERAINE producer Ian Brown will offer 80 Angus steers at the Hamilton weaner sales next month.

From his property, Windy Hill, Ian trades under IS and HJ Brown, and produces Angus cattle with a Te Mania bloodline.

Ian first purchased Te Mania bulls about 12 years ago, and has noticed a difference in the quality of his stock since, reports Madeleine Stuchbery, WeeklyTimes.com.au.

“My agent says he can see a big difference in the stock, and I think he’s right,” Ian said.

“We’ve enjoyed about four good seasons. Although we had a dry October, it was wet in September and that carried us through. And we’ve had this cool November weather. Really, we can’t complain. Four good years with good prices, and that’s unusual.”

His March-April 2019-drop steers will be sold through Southern Grampians Livestock.

A number of his steers last season broke the 400kg mark.

Ian said he anticipated local competition at the weaner sales will be strong, along with a strong feedlot market.

“I expect the feedlots will be strong. My two lines last year went to South Australian feed lots. If they’ve performed, I’m hoping they’ll be back this year.

“The feedlotters should be OK. There’s a bit more grain around this year.

“I expect because we’ve had a good seasons around here, I expect local competition will be strong.”

While the season has fared well for producers in the Western District, Ian said more rainfall prior to the sales would boost both morale and competition.

“We love to see rain in the north, the more competition you can have, the better the sale is.”

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