Agistment needed for Angus heifers in Vic, NSW or Qld

Like too many livestock producers, Leanne and Garry Hall have cut numbers, juggled properties and used agistment to try and maintain the nucleus of their Angus breeding herd.

Their remaining weaner calves have been on a property at Enngonia, on the NSW/Queensland border, since end of May – after being early weaned and fed pellets and hay at home.

The steer portion are long gone, having been sold unfinished.

Their cows are now calving at a property near Yantabulla (sent in mid-June) to the west of Enngonia after having been fed for the past couple of years at home.

But only half the usual number; the rest have been sold.

Now the Halls are out of options, and are appealing for anyone on the eastern seaboard of Australia who has feed, to give them a call.

“We hear it is very good in parts of Victoria and were wondering if there was anyone out there who could take on our heifers in early September,” Leanne said.

“We are trying desperately to hold onto them, which has become very challenging after these past few years,” she said.

“We have 282 heifers in urgent need of a temporary home – and we could cut that back to 150 if it helps. These heifers are nearly 12 months old and are EU accredited and we will also be looking to join them soon.”

Contact:  Garry Hall on 0427 244 361/0.

Photos taken by Leanne Hall, also on horseback, at home property, The Mole, Warren, NSW.








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