Colac Vet wins 2019 Australian Cattle Veterinarians Bovine Practitioner Award

DR Ian Henderson has been awarded the 2019 Australian Cattle Veterinarians Bovine Practitioner vet of the year.
One of the more prestigious and sought-after awards in the cattle industry it has gone to a man who played an integral role in the formative years of Te Mania Angus at Pardoo, its original Colac property, and continues to provide veterinary service at Te Mania Angus, Connewarre property.
While Ian has been reluctant to take any of the credit for his success, the man who nominated him – former

partner Andrew Hoare, now based in South East Vets in Mt Gambier – was more than happy to fill in the details.
“Hendo was my first veterinary employer and has been my great mentor, friend and colleague throughout my career in cattle practice,” Andrew said.
“He has hosted many veterinary students over the years and is especially sought after by students interested in dairy and beef practice,” he said.
“And he is extremely giving of help and knowledge to people who are genuinely interested in cattle and equine practice.
Andrew said Hendo set the standard for his career and many other vets employed by Colac Vet Clinic for support and advice for new graduates.
He said as a partner, Hendo provided complete backup and support to graduate vets, including assistance with examples such a first caesarean, difficult calving or difficult colic.
“His wife Vonnie and partner Shane, answer the after-hours phones for the clinic and routinely you would find out after your weekend or night on call that Ian had gone out and done a call or two to save you having to,” he said.
“Hendo was always there to help out and been a mentor and father figure to myself and so many vets who have worked in his clinic.
He is widely known and respected for being passionate with regards to his opinions on topics which may not necessarily be mainstream.
“This includes procedures like dislocated hip replacement in cattle, lame cows, reproduction and cattle nutrition.”
Andrew said Hendo’s mantra was ‘near enough is not good enough’ and he instilled that into his peers.
He has continued to work in mixed practice since his own graduation and spent time in England working in farm animal practice and learnt skills he applied in practice in Australia.
As Hendo nears his 70s he still works in his practice, continuing his decades of providing advice and service to Colac and the surrounding area for dairy, beef cattle and sheep businesses.
“His common-sense approach to problem solving on farm has led to him being widely respected by local producers and this has assisted them running successful farming enterprises,” Ian said.
“Hendo has provided a great example for all younger vets and trained many a good cattle vet and all those who have been fortunate enough to work him would acknowledge his influence on their careers.”
Andrew said the last question in the nomination form asked whether there were any other outstanding achievements in the nominee’s career.
“That part was easy – Hendo is a pretty good golfer and his son Lachie plays for Geelong.”