Structure in Beef Cattle – Afternoon in the Yards at Te Mania Angus

You are invited to a working day at Te Mania Angus, Reichmans Lane, Mortlake on Friday, December 7th from 11am-2pm.  Jim Green of Green’s Livestock Services, Yamba, NSW will demonstrate and explain structural assessments and their importance to a breeding program.  More information

Every bull at Te Mania Angus is independently assessed as a yearling, and every female assessed annually for the first three years of her breeding life, and periodically after that for research purposes.

Good cattle structure has a direct impact on producer profitability. Objectively measuring structure, in conjunction with genomic testing and the use of performance recording (EBVs) gives us a greater picture of how that animal will perform.

Issues with structure can affect bull and cow longevity. The Beef Class Structural Assessment System measures claw set, front and rear foot angle, rear legs, and for females – teats and udders as well. Leg and feet structure in particular are highly heritable, therefore identifying structural issues within your animals allows you to improve your herd through assessment and selection.

Structural EBVs are included in all Te Mania catalogues. They are part of the performance information provided, which also include calving ease, fertility, growth, docility, carcase merit and profitability. More information.

At the recent Afternoon in the Yards, Tom Gubbins talked about the Artificial Insemination and joining program at Te Mania Angus for 2,000 females – see YouTube.

Te Mania Angus Yearling bulls, August 2018

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