Top Angus breeders for private sale – Vic and NSW

20  Pure Te Mania bloodline Heifers
Account: Knewleave Partnership
20hd x N Drop Team Te Mania Angus Heifers

20 x N heifers are offered from the Knewleave, Progeny Test herd of Team Te Mania.
EU Accredited, J Bas 8,  ACR registered – fully breedplan recorded (Idents available on request)
Excellent quality, unjoined heifers.

Average Weight: 291kg (257kg – 309kg)
Photo Link: Team Te Mania Unjoined Heifers
Asking price: $850 + gst
Location: Drysdale, Victoria

11 Team Te Mania Cows & Calves, H Drop
Account: P & P Arden
11hd H Drop Angus Cows & Calves

3 heifer & 8 steer calves, born Aug/Sept 2018
Dispersal of the last of vendor’s cow herd

Sires: Te Mania Gaskin G555; Te Mania Hassett H394 (AI); Te Mania Heckle H801

Photo Link: Angus Cows & Calves
Asking Price: $1300.00 + gst
Location:  Lyndhurst, NSW

For further details phone Chris Callow – 0429 497 166

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