In the Yards – Structural Scoring

Jim Green of Green’s Livestock Services, will be assessing and scoring the 2018 Autumn Sale bulls, using the Beef Class Structural Scoring System, In the Yards, at Te Mania Angus, Mortlake on Thursday, December 7th.

Jim will assess structural soundness, which describes conformation, of each of the bulls, and will explain the standards required for animals to achieve maximum production and adaptability to the environment.  He will also assess the temperament of each bull.

Structural assessments are a vital part of the breeding program at Te Mania Angus.  An independent assessment program has been carried out annually since 1994, with any cattle not meeting strict criteria being culled from the breeding herd.

Objectively measuring structure, in conjunction with the use of performance recording (EBVs) gives an insight into the key profit drivers that affect the bottom line for commercial cattle breeders.

Interested breeders are welcome to attend this interactive demonstration of structural scoring, on December 7th from 3-5pm.
Bookings are preferred as space is limited – Email.   Enquiries – Hamish McFarlane 0427 641606 or Tom Gubbins  0429 952197 .

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