Strong demand for well bred Angus Heifers on AuctionsPlus

Congratulations to Garry and Leanne Hall, The Mole, Warren selling 130 yearling heifers for $4.60/kg/lw on AuctionsPlus last week.

Team Te Mania members, the Halls, have built a highly regarded performance-focused breeding herd.   Fertility in females has always been at the top of the breeding objectives list.  The Halls need cows that, in a marginal environment and an average season, can still get back in calf as soon as possible.

Equally high on the list of breeding objectives is meat eating quality of the cattle.  Using high marbling Te Mania Angus sires, the Halls turn off steers which attract strong demand from the feedlots.  The breeding lines behind the herd, attract buyer interest, even through tough climatic times.

The Halls offered 130 heifers in store condition on AuctionsPlus through Clemson Hiscox, Walgett.    The heifers average weight was 253kg, and sold in two lots for $1,165 and $1,170 ($4.60/kg) to Glen Innes and Inverell.

Pictured is Garry Hall at work in his office (photo by Leanne Hall).

Garry Hall in his office

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