Early Predictors of Cow Reproductive Performance

Dr Matt Wolcott from the Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit (AGBU) at Armidale NSW, will be speaking at the Team Te Mania Workshop on Tuesday June 6th this year in Warrnambool.

Following his doctorate studies and thesis in 2013 “Opportunities for selection to improve steer and cow productivity in Northern Australia”, Matt now leads the MLA funded research program into cow profitability which focuses on – balancing growth rates, carcase performance and eating quality, with fertility.

The objectives of the study are to quickly gather sufficient, high quality data to determine whether the reproductive traits which have been developed and employed successfully to improve female reproduction in northern Australia can be exploited in southern breeds.

Te Mania Angus is a participant in this project.  We have also just fitted 100 heifers with electronic collars to collect data to assist with the project and other profitability traits.  The collars have been supplied by Allflex and will be able to collect a range of very exciting data.  Data that informs us of rumination, movement, potentially Net Feed Intake (NFI) and importantly it will give us information on the first oestrus of the heifers.  The first oestrus is highly correlated to all of life fertility in cattle and will assist with the cow productivity project.

There are still limited places available at the Team Te Mania Workshop.  Contact [email protected] to register.  Stay tuned for more information on the electronic collars…..

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