Future Farming Field Day and Workshop June 4 – 6th

Drones – Changing Agriculture

Key note speaker at this years Team Te Mania Field Day and Workshop is Jerry Grayson AFC, Film and Rescue Helicopter Pilot.

Serving in the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm from the age of 17, Jerry became the most decorated peacetime flyer in British Naval history by the age of 25.  He then spent the next three decades as a film pilot, for productions ranging from James Bond to the Olympic Games.

Eighty percent of that filming work is now done by drones – that’s disruption – new technology wiping out an industry.  Jerry had the choice to fight or adapt, he chose the latter, with gusto.

Jerry will talk and demonstrate agricultural management tools using drones and the efficiencies for farmers.  From increasing cropping yields, checking stock, counting them and so much more.

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