Online Angus Bull Sale Catalogue with Videos

Online Bull Sale Catalogue March 2017

The Te Mania Angus bull sale catalogue is online with video footage of each individual bull.  The interactive catalogue is custom built, with a search feature which enables breeders to build their own catalogue in line with the priorities of their herd.  This is an ideal way to prepare for the auction of 169 Angus sires.

In line with the Te Mania focus on technology and efficiency, the open-cry sale will be conducted using the video footage of each sale bull projected onto a large screen.  Bids will also be taken from the bull pens where bidders can follow the auction watching the live animals.

They are a very even line of bulls expressing their full genetic potential.  As an indication of the quality of these sires, the average of the 169 sale bulls is –

  • 600DWeight    +115      Top 15% of the Breed
  • EMA                  +6.5       Top 20% of the Breed
  • IMF%                +3.0       Top 10% of the Breed
  • Angus Breeding Index  Top 10% of the Breed
  • Domestic Index              Top 10% of the Breed
  • Heavy Grain Index        Top 10% of the Breed
  • Heavy Grass Index         Top 10% of the Angus breed

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