Structure and NFI the focus at Tullimba Field Day

Jim Green (2)

Tullimba Feedlot near Kingstown NSW was the venue for the latest Te Mania Angus Field day where the focus was on structure and Net Feed Intake (NFI) testing.

Tom Gubbins and Hamish McFarlane were pleased to welcome visitors to Tullimba on June 8th where Jim Green was able to share his knowledge of structural scoring using practical demonstration.  Jim utilised the 128 sale bulls which are to be sold at the Te Mania Northern Sale on Tuesday August 9th at Walgett.

At Te Mania we place an enormous amount of importance on soundness, temperament and fertility and at Tullimba even experienced producers found Jim’s comments on structure informative.

On the day the sneak preview of the bulls gave participants a chance to view the bulls being handled through the stockyards, a great opportunity to witness first-hand their quiet temperament.

The University of New England’s Tullimba Feedlot was the chosen venue for the field day as the Walgett sale bulls have been undergoing NFI testing.  The innovative NFI research uses GrowSafe feed and weighing equipment which is yielding data to be added to Angus Breedplan.

Tullimba is an impressive property 740 hectares in area and the feedlot is licensed to carry 1000-head.  Colin Crampton is the Feedlot Manager and with many research cohorts under his belt, he is widely experienced in the managing herds for NFI testing.

This our 10th annual bull sale at Walgett and we have production and management perfectly timed so that the bulls are ready to work once they arrive at their future owners’ property.  Holding the sale in Walgett enables purchasers from northern NSW and southern Queensland the opportunity to attend the sale.

Te Mania Angus thanks everyone for their attendance at the field day and further information on structure can be found here

We look forward to seeing you at Walgett on August 9th