An Afternoon in the Yards – Structure Field Day

2015 An Afternoon in the Yards

Cattle producers are welcome to attend an “Afternoon in the Yards” at Mortlake in Western Victoria on Monday December 7th at 3 pm.

Jim Green from Beefxcel will be assessing our 14 month old bulls and will explain the Beef Class Structural Assessment System, and why structure is so important.

Jim has been assessing the Te Mania Angus herd since 1994, as part of an intensive structural assessment programme

Poor structure in cattle has an effect on producer profitability.

Leg and feet structure is highly heritable.  At Te Mania Angus, we employ an independent assessor to measure all bulls annually and all females annually, until three years of age and all animals periodically for research purposes.

The Beef Class Structural Assessment System is used to measure claw set, front and rear foot angle, rear leg side view and rear leg hind view.  In females, teats and udders are also assessed.

The bull a breeder chooses directly affects the profitability of their herd.

At Te Mania we collect information based on unbiased, factual data and relate it back to the animal and the genetics that animal is related to.  This tells us which pedigrees have desirable structure.

This knowledge gives us more insight and understanding into the key profit drivers that affect the bottom line of the commercial cattle breeders business.

Selection for structure is one of the fundamentals of the breeding industry and through performance recording, the outcomes are herd improvement, leading to increased profitability.

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