King Island – Innovation and Technology

Tim Schuuring and Tom

They say necessity is the mother of invention and nowhere is this more evident than on King Island.

The picturesque and renowned beef producing community of King Island have had to position themselves ahead of the pack with regards to beef production, product awareness and innovation.

King Island primary producers probably know more about their product, their grid and market than many of their mainland compatriots.

Because the King Islanders have such a thorough understanding of their grid, they also understand how genetics and performance recording can help them achieve compliance for the grid.

At the recent King Island Beef Producers Group, annual Beef Day, Tom Gubbins was asked to speak on “Breeding with Technology”. Tom explained the way Te Mania Angus uses technology to assist us in making breeding decisions.

Tom discussed the technological tools that Te Mania Angus uses in order to improve the profitability of its commercial clients.  Tools such TGRM (Total Genetic Resource Management), which is used to join all the females in the stud herd to maximise genetic gain.

Other speakers on the day were Frank Archer from Landfall Angus in Tasmania, who gave an interesting an informative look into how Landfall have increased their bottom line through innovative pasture management programmes, whilst running a diverse multi-generational family business.

MC for the day, Sam Trethewey, made his first visit back to King Island since his family ceased farming there in the 1980’s.  Sam is a passionate advocate for agribusiness and travels widely both nationally and internationally, talking, writing, presenting and commentating on the state of agriculture nationally and globally.

The King Island Beef Producers group Annual Beef day showed that King Islanders not only embrace and interact with technology, but are often key drivers in its use and innovators in its implementation.