Pasture and Beef Production Field Day / Industry Workshop

Program is now online for the Pasture and Beef Production Field Day to be held on Thursday, June 12 at Knewleave, St Leonards. On-property case study with Victorian producers Fiona Conroy and Cam Nicholson.  Their work with the cattle and Cam’s valuable input as an agronomist make this a showcase enterprise with some valuable lessons for us all.

Friday, June 13 Beef Industry Workshop, Torquay, sponsored by Team Te Mania

This will be a great chance to hear some of the beef industry’s key figures, including MLA’s chief economist Tim McRae, AGBU director Rob Banks and Coles agriculture manager, Rob Cumine.  All three will be taking part during the two days and will also be available for a chat before and after their presentations.

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