Te Mania Emperor has a new spring in his step

MOST bulls that pop a stifle have one undisputed fate, but not so for the $91,000 Angus bull Te Mania Emperor E343, writes Carla Wiese-Smith, The Land.

When the super sire was found injured in his paddock of cows at Winchelsea, Victoria, his owners at Murdeduke Angus decided to try a knee reconstruction rather than shoot him.

“He’s a wonderful animal and we’ve sold a lot of semen from him quite widely,” said owner Bruce Wilson.

Dr James Vanner from the Geelong Veterinary Practice said they anaesthetised the bull in the paddock and diagnosed a ruptured cruciate ligament, probably sustained while “doing his job”.   Full story

Te Mania Emperor knee reconstruction. Photo by Simon Falkiner

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