Team Te Mania commercial Angus cows

2014_Boona_Mumbannar_Vic_106_cowsAll 742 of the  high performance Angus cows have been independently assessed by Auction Plus, and are now online, on AuctionsPlus.   Inspections can be arranged with the vendors directly.

The online sale commences at 5pm on Tuesday, March 4th.  A big screen to watch the auction is available at the Te Mania Angus sale complex at Mortlake.

One of the vendors,  Susie Chisholm of Adelong, NSW said today “I am selling these cows to make way for the next 2 year old heifers to make their mark in this herd.  These cows are in full bloom and I am sorry to see them go.”

“Our pregnancy results for the last joining, in what has been an horrific dry year, have been amazing.  Easy calving and fertility is driving this herd thanks to my relationship with Te Mania over the last sixteen years.  The genetics we are using with the latest bulls makes being a Progeny Test herd so worth while.”

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