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Staplecross Farms - Cameron Barnes (Prop) and Nevile Goulding (Mgr), Narbethong VIC (Central)

Staplecross Farms is breeding an Angus herd which produces both quality steers and replacement females using genetics and information from Team Te Mania.

The herd comprises 200 spring calving cows, and joined Team Te Mania in 2003. The breeding program has an emphasis on carcass quality with the aim to produce quality steers which meet target markets. Emphasis is also placed on producing a quality line of heifers with fertility, length and milk.

The Staplecross Farms steers are sold through the Team to feedlots and local markets while a high proportion of heifers are kept as replacements.

“One of the best things about the Team is the access to a huge wealth of knowledge and support,” Neville says.

“The Team is very proactive and the open days are great with lots of contacts.”

  • Johnes Status – Beef Only
  • Calving Period – Sept Oct
  • No of Breeders – 200