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Guy Fawkes Station – Fraser and Pam James, Ebor, NSW


Guy Fawkes Station started using Te Mania genetics in 2011, and became a Team Te Mania member in 2012.   The foundation females were all based on high growth and marbling genetics with a large number of females purchased from other Team Te Mania herds, and outside herds focused on the long fed feedlot market.

Currently joining 800+ females a year including 200+ heifers to AI ( synchronised one shot fixed time program) to calve down 650 to 700.   All heifers conceived to AI are kept as replacements , empties are joined to bulls for 8 weeks .

The heifers in the 2018 Team Te Mania Online Female Sale include approximately 100  heifers that would have been kept as replacements had they conceived to AI.   The brothers to these heifers are all sold every year to Rangers Valley Feedlot at Glen Innes to go into their long fed (270 day) progam. The steers are averaging around 3.6% for IMF at the feedlot. 

Bulls used in our AI program include Berkely (VTMB1) IMF 3.9% in 2012 and 2013, Garth (VTMG67) IMF 3.1%  used in 2014 and 2015, Kathmandu (VTMK352) IMF 4.2% used in 2016.  Te Mania bulls used over the heifers are genuine “heifer bulls” , selected for balance with good maternal EBV;s good  calving ease, short Gestation, low birthweight and rapid  growth.

Guy_Fawkes_pageCThe heifers are extremely quiet, they are used to rotational grazing behind a single hot wire fence. They will come to the vehicle when called to move paddocks.  Mustering to the yards is done with horses and dogs.

Their  7 in 1 and Pesti shots are up to date, they were treated with Selovin at Weaning ( 12 months coverage) , They were drenched last week on the 12th March with Strategik ( Albendazole). They were vaccinated for Pinkeye at Marking (Piliguard).

The bulls used over these heifers are –
VTMJ327 – Berkley son , CE +3.3, CE Daughters +2.8, BWT +3.7, 200/400/600 day growth 48/87/113 , IMF +3.2
VTML130- GAR Twinharts 8418 grandson, CE +5.8, CE Daughters +4.2, BWT +2.1, 200/400/600 day growth 38/76/98, IMF 3.5%
VTML782 –GAR Twinharts 8418 grandson, CE +2.6 CE Daughters  +3.5,BWT +2.6, 200/400/600 days growth 51/99/132 GL -7, IMF +3.6


Member of Team Te Mania since 2012
Johne’s Status – Beef Only
Calving period – Aug – Sept