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Monthly Archive: July 2019

Performance focus key to Te Mania Angus stud success

July 18, 2019

Andrew and Mary Gubbins were featured in the recent Spring Angus, Rural Press publication which honored some of the influential people who have helped develop the Angus breed over the past 100 years. “By keeping an open mind and utilising performance data, we have been able to achieve change that sometimes went against conventional thinking,”…

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Docility – Highly heritable and mostly manageable

July 12, 2019

Te Mania Angus director Tom Gubbins looks at measuring docility within the stud’s breeding program, how it is managed, and how generations of data supplied to Angus Group Breedplan show that docility is highly heritable. At Te Mania Angus to measure docility, we crush-score our animals on a scale from 1 to 5, using the…

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