Fred and Cheryl Forrest

Barjarg Pastoral Co

Mansfield, VIC

Angus cattle from Barjarg are bred to cater for as many different markets as possible.

And the key behind this philosophy is to produce cattle that are easy to handle, have good growth rates and carcass characteristics.

In recent years, the Barjarg herd has been run under strict biodynamic principles and is producing vealers for the domestic organic beef market.

The Barjarg herd has been part of Team Te Mania since 1997 and has found Te Mania bulls leased through the Team are ideally suited to this market, while also providing flexibility to target other markets.

Membership of Team Te Mania has also given Fred access to cutting edge information on beef production and marketing.

Barjarg runs 230 breeders which are split into spring and autumn calving herds.

  • Johne‚Äôs Status – Beef Only
  • Cattle Care Accredited
  • Calving period – Mar-Apr & Aug-Sept

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