1000+ Team Te Mania commercial Angus females will be sold online only on AuctionsPlus.  

Friday March 17, 2023 at 11AM

Since 1995, Team Te Mania has grown in tandem with Te Mania Angus, embracing the stud’s core values of innovation, industry leadership, integrity, profitability and, most importantly, sustainability.
It is a performance-based genetics program to help boost the commercial efficiency traits and market options of Te Mania Angus clients.
Team members have first access to the stud’s best-performing sires –including Te Mania Neon N1386, the highest ranked Angus bull for IMF% in Australia, with an EBV of +9.8, more than four times the breed average

Te Mania Angus is constantly judged in the sale yards, on digital auction platforms and through processing feedback. Yet, in 2022; pure Te Mania Angus blood progeny have commanded as much as $5360 for 36 – 48 month old PTIC cows, on AuctionsPlus. Helped significantly by Team members having access to industry-leading Te
Mania Angus genetics, and the breed’s most dominant bloodlines, which are highly sought after by backgrounders, feedlotters, processors, retailers and consumers.
Team Te Mania herds across South Australia, Victoria and NSW represent a dedicated commitment to long-term progeny testing and a strong selection focus on
commercial efficiency traits, giving members the edge to increase market options and open new markets.

This sale is your chance to access commercial Te Mania Angus blood females and fast track the genetic profile of your herd.

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Final catalogue available prior to sale on  AuctionsPlus.

Gwalia Cows, Adelong, Ptic Acr Mixed Age
Gwalia Cows, Adelong, Ptic Acr Mixed Age


  • Start date: Friday, March 17, 2023
  • Start time: 11:00 am
  • End date: Friday, March 17, 2023
  • End time: 12:00 pm