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Welcome to our 2023 Autumn bull sale.

These 179 bulls are progeny from the nucleus of the Te Mania Angus herd – a herd which has been breeding generations of livestock aimed at intensely improving commercial value and productivity.

Sires of the 2023 sale team include the outstanding Te Mania Kirby K138 who has been progeny tested throughout 15 herds and has 14 sons in this sale.

The line up features sons of homebred sires who have been progeny tested throughout commercial herds, contributing vital data to the accuracy of their breeding predictability.  Including –

  • Te Mania Legend VTML646 use for improving growth, fertility and carcase – 15 sons
  • Te Mania Neon N1387 use for improving calving ease and all round carcase traits – 7 sons
  • Te Mania Nebraska VTMN630 use for growth and carcase trait improvement – 10 sons
  • Te Mania Quota Q1049 use for growth, fertility and carcase traits – 5 sons

We hope you will be able to join us at our Autumn On Property Bull Sale.  We welcome your enquiries and early inspections, by arrangement.



How Sale Day works

The bulls will be penned at the sale complex from 7.30am on sale morning.  Inspection any other time is welcome by appointment.
The open-cry auction is conducted inside the sale barn, interfaced with video footage of each bull on large screens.

Bids can be made –

  • Directly, from inside the sale barn
  • From the sale pens, during the auction, via the roving Elders Agent (Clarke Roycroft), or
  • Remotely through AuctionsPlus.


AuctionsPlus users must be registered at least 48 hours prior to the sale. 

For more information –
Visit: www.auctionsplus.com.au  Ph:  02 9262 4222 or Email:  [email protected]

Register on AuctionsPlus   |  How does AuctionsPlus work?


Videos taken by Ben Hooper, Clear Vision Imaging, will be available of all sale bulls 2 weeks prior to sale day

Terms & Conditions of Sale

Physical Ownership and Semen Interests    

All bulls auctioned by Te Mania Angus are sold according to the following Terms and Conditions

  1. The bull becomes the physical property of the buyer/s.
  2. Semen collected from the bull must only be used within the herds (Maximum of 4 herds)  nominated on the Buyer Registration Slip prior to the auction.   Semen cannot be sold, transferred or provided to any third-party without the prior consent of Te Mania Angus.
  3. The purchase of the bull gives the buyer/s  licence to use the Te Mania Angus name and associated intellectual property to advertise progeny associated with insemination from the bull within the buyer’s herd (licence).
  4. If the buyer/s breach/es any of these Terms and Conditions of Sale, Te Mania Angus may revoke the licence immediately.  Insemination of an animal in a herd not nominated on the Buyer Registration, is a breach of the licence.
  5. Te Mania Angus retains the exclusive right to collect semen from the bull at a future date for the purpose of semen production and cloning.  Semen would be collected at Te Mania Angus’ expense and at a time suitable to the purchaser.
  6. If the bull is re-sold by the buyer/s at a later date, these Terms and Conditions will carry forward. The buyer can only transfer the bull if the subsequent purchaser accepts these Conditions.

Any Te Mania Angus bull that proves to be structurally unsound, infertile or incapable of service is guaranteed for up to three years from date of sale. Under these circumstances Te Mania Angus will:

  1. Replace the bull with a satisfactory substitute if available, or
  2. Issue a refund equal to the value remaining*, less salvage value.  See below

The guarantee covers the purchase value of the bull, without interest, cost and damages.  The guarantee applies only if the bull’s incapacity is not caused by injury or disease contracted since leaving Te Mania.  

*The value remaining is calculated on the basis that the value reduces by one third of the purchase price for each year of service from the sale date.  A veterinary certificate must be supplied by the purchaser on request.

 If any bull purchased does not possess a reasonable fertility, although not totally infertile, any dispute arising shall be settled by an arbitrator appointed by the auctioneers and must be lodged within 12 calendar months from date of sale.

This guarantee is in addition to the normal terms and conditions governing auction sales.  We recommend all purchasers discuss injury insurance of their bulls at the sale with Elders or their Agent. 


By road:  “Te Mania Angus, Reichmans Lane, Mortlake” is the address for Google Search.
Refer to map inside back cover.

By Air:

  • Avalon Airport (180km from TMA) is the closest commercial airport, with regular Jetstar flights.
  • Tullamarine Airport is 240km from TMA.
  • Charter flights – Warrnambool has the closest airstrip.  Please contact Te Mania Angus in advance to arrange pick ups.

Breakfast with the stars – from 7.30am.   Eggs & Bacon, prepared by Fiona Glover, Australian Bovine Conceptions.
Morning tea and lunch prepared and served by Mortlake College.


ENQUIRIES:  [email protected]            [email protected]
Phone:              0427 641 606                                         0429 952 197

  • Start date: Wednesday, March 1, 2023
  • Start time: 12:00 pm
  • End date: Wednesday, March 1, 2023
  • End time: 3:30 pm
  • Venue: Te Mania Angus