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In the Yards – AI and Breeding, Mortlake Victoria

Te Mania Angus invites you to a day, In the Yards, for an interactive demonstration of the latest in Artificial Insemination and cattle yard technology.

Te Mania Angus has been using Fixed Time Artificial Insemination (FTAI) technology in its breeding herd since 2014. It has simplified the joining program of 1600 HBR females.

Tom Gubbins and Hamish McFarlane will talk about why FTAI is a more efficient method of AI for large scale herds.

70% of the calves at Te Mania Angus are conceived by AI, and 20% by embryo transplant.

Te Mania Angus focuses on achieving a tight calving pattern, which provides streamlined management groups for growing out and assessing the progeny.

This allows Te Mania clients to view and compare sale cattle within a tight age bracket, and it equips the stud to more accurately compare contemporary groups.

The use of AI enables joinings to be planned to match each female to a specific sire, to achieve maximum genetic impact of the progeny.

Te Mania Angus sources bulls who stand out among tens of thousands of peers, worldwide. These genetics are analysed alongside homebred sires who are extensively progeny tested in commercial herds.

Ian Moreland and Fiona Glover of Southern Cross Genetics will demonstrate, and be available to discuss, Fixed Time AI (FTAI).

There are many factors which influence the success of an AI program.   Semen quality is very important.  Animal handling and temperature can also have a profound effect.

Heifers should ideally be 60 – 65% of mature weight at joining (340+ kg) and have already reached puberty and be cycling regularly.   Spike feeding of heifers 60 days and (preferably) 90 days prior to the joining date can improve conception rates.

Cows should be managed so they calve in good body condition and be placed on a rising plane of nutrition post calving.

The post-partum interval to joining with any AI program is a minimum of 50 days and preferably 60+ days. Animals with a lesser post-partum can be included but expect a lower conception rate.

Cattle will pass through the fully automated Clipex crush, which teamed with a panel reader and KoolCollect computer software, adds further efficiencies to the yard management. It announces the Ident of each cow as she enters the crush, and the pre-allocated AI sire for the joining.


Everyone is welcome. We look forward to questions and conversations about AI programs, maximising joining results, including cow management and bull management, and the latest research being carried out at Te Mania.

Venue: Te Mania Angus cattle yards, Reichmans Lane, Mortlake.   Lunch provided

For enquiries and bookings please email to Lucy Gubbins.
More details phone Hamish McFarlane – 0427 641 606 or Tom Gubbins – 0429 952 197.

2014 weaners in the yards