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Hear about using Selection Indexes with David Johnston, AGBU on RawAg

Posted on September 8, 2020

In our second episode of RawAg, we are chatting with Dr David Johnston, Principal Scientist at the Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit in Armidale NSW.

David has a Doctorate of Philosophy, a Master of Rural Science and a Bachelor of Rural Science. He is currently involved in some very exciting research focused on improving the reproductive rates of cattle in the north.

David explains why capturing and using data is so important for improving the genetic gain and resultant profitability of the national beef herd.

David grew up on a mixed beef farm, which generated a great interest in genetics and research, as a result he has spent the last 28 years working as a research scientist developing the Breedplan genetic evaluation system for Australian beef cattle.

In order for farmers to make the maximum progress in their herd and increase their profitability, they need to focus on their breeding objectives, using selection $Indexes.  Simply focusing on one trait only, could jeopardise the overall breeding objective.

This focus on improving the overall breeding objective, considering all the traits relating to profitability, allows us to simultaneously improve all of the traits in a particular direction which improves profit and performance.

We hope that you enjoy listening to David and Tom discussing genetic gain and how best to improve your herds performance. To listen, click on the link below, or go to your favourite podcast app.  Don’t forget to subscribe and please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for future podcasts by messaging us on Instagram or email us at lucy@temania.com.au

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