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Monthly Archive: September 2018

Fixed Time Artificial Insemination at Te Mania Angus Field Day

September 28, 2018

THE YARDS are where technology is taking AI in large-scale beef cattle herds to new levels of breeding efficiency. In 2018 Te Mania Angus has 2000 cows in its stud herd and 70 per cent of those will conceive through AI using FTAI (Fixed Time Artificial Insemination) and 20 per cent by ET. On November…

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Te Mania bloodline heifers for sale, Forbes NSW – SOLD

September 26, 2018

40 Yearling Angus Heifers, unjoined, available for private sale from Team Te Mania herd, Glencoe. Age: 12-18mths.  Ave Wt : 328kg Full (range: 290—433kg) These heifers are only for sale due to seasonal conditions.  Glencoe is a long tern supplier to Rangers Valley, and have a reputation for growth and high marbling. Photos, go to – Video link  Asking…

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Trans Tasman Cow Productivity Project – Heifer Fertility

September 11, 2018

Scanning ovarian function in the yearling heifers at Te Mania Angus, Mortlake, Vic, is part of the field work of the Trans Tasman Cow Productivity Project, by the Animal Genetics Breeding Unit, Armidale (AGBU), funded by the MLA Donor Company and Beef&Lamb genetics New Zealand. The Cow Productivity Project focuses on fertility which is a key driver in the profitability…

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