Sons of homebred sires




The Te Mania Angus 2024 Autumn on-property bull sale at Te Mania Angus and interfaced with AuctionsPlus. The sale will commence at 12 noon on Wednesday, March 6th, 2024.

Join us at our NEW bull sale complex at Merrang. 1830 Woolsthorpe-Hexham Road, Hexham VIC 3273 (follow signage on-site).

This year the line up features sons of the homebred sires who have had progeny tested throughout commercial herds.

Including –

Sire Qty offered Sire comments
TE MANIA KIRBY K138 (AI) 44 A powerhouse package with exceptional marbling and $Index values. Kirby has bred extremely well in the Te Mania herd and across progeny test herds, resulting in high accuracy EBVs at the top of the marbling table. Since 2019, his 84 sons have been sought after selling for an average of $16,428 and to a high of $110,000.
TE MANIA MOJO M886 (AI) 10 A stylish and balanced bull that presents with good body length and shape, fine hair and skin. He has been used heavily in both our seedstock herd and through our Team Te Mania progeny testing program.  His sons have been well received and since our March 2019 sale we sold 38 sons of Mojo for an average of $20,447 and to a sale high of $65,000.
TE MANIA QUEBEC Q854 (AI) 17 Ideal for use over heifers. This easy doing sire has been progeny tested through Team Te Mania herds and has also been entered into cohort 12 of Angus Sire Benchmarking Program. His progeny present with good shape and style and are sound footed.
TE MANIA QUEST Q956 (AI) (ET) 17 An ET conceived son of Kirby out of a donor cow from our most prominent maternal line.  Quest presents with moderate frame and good body length together with a quiet disposition. The dam of Quest ran through our donor program in 2018, 2020 and again for 2024. This sire has been heavily used within our Team Te Mania progeny testing program. His progeny present with good shape, length and are well structured.
TE MANIA NEON N1387 9 Magnificent marbling, in fact the highest in Australia for a sire with 50+ progeny recorded.  With balanced EBVs and good calving ease to boost any herd that targets the high end beef market. Neon has excellent phenotype, he’s long and strong and quiet to handle. Progeny tested across Team Te Mania herds and is part of cohort 12 of Angus Sire Benchmarking Program.  His sons have been well sought after through our two sales in 2023.  In autumn six sons sold for an average of $17,000 followed up by in spring seven selling for an average of $20,857.
TE MANIA LEGEND L646 (AI) 7 Legend has been used widely throughout the Angus breed with over 980 progeny recorded on TACE and semen sold through the UK and Europe.  At Te Mania Angus, his 35 sons offered in our sales to date have averaged $17,428 with sons being sold into noted stud herds. Legend is a proven all rounder with great temperament and exceptional fertility.  He comes from Te Mania’s best female lines, including Jedda, Dandloo and Lowan.
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